Saturday, October 14, 2017

Marlette Lake Hike & Magic

Today, of course, the camera was not in hand. I had to send it in for repairs.

While we don't have pictures, we'll always have the happy memories.

I had driven the kids to a pumpkin festival in Lake Tahoe. It had said free admission and listed all these cool things to do. Well, of course, you get in free, but it cost money to do the cool things. And it's Lake Tahoe, so the things weren't cheap.

Needless to say, our money could be spent better. So we decided to head for a small hike. We did about 6 miles (not the entire way) on the Marlette Lake Hike over by Spooner Lake.

Man!!! It was gorgeous!!! The yellow autumn leaves were blowing in the wind. It was magic. The kids were not very happy to go for a hike and I had a small "mean mom" fit in the car. After an attitude adjustment, for all including myself, we were ready to enjoy our time together. And so we did!!

We whacked corn whackers with sticks, held hands, talked about Disney memories, played name that tune. We looked up into the sky and were rained on by golden leaves. It was a lovely afternoon together.

We were starving by the time we got back to Reno so we feasted at Whole Foods (honestly, our favorite place to eat) and headed to the library for a fantastic and mesmerizing magic show!!

Spellbinders, the library performance, was hilarious!!!!! The magician had amazing tricks and I swear my mouth was open the entire time!! An hour has never gone by faster!!!

The day ended with popcorn, pumpkin cookies, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Yes, the most bizarre movie ever. I have no idea how anyone can enjoy that movie, although I will say I do like the music. Hooray for lovely Saturdays will my sweet babies!!! The truly are my best little friends.

Monday, October 9, 2017

All Tuckered Out!!!

At 8:30AM I had to wake everyone up!! Even the sunlight didn't do it!!
Check out was at 11AM and we still needed to finish our party with hotel swim time!!

Clean up was easy. Everyone had their own bag and kept their areas neat.

The pool was really nice. A little chilly, but not too bad. Plus, the hot tub was spacious and around the corner. So we were good!!

I had found a bunch of clearance pool toys from target, so the kids had fun with an underwater torpedo, game of underwater go fish, and other diving toys.

Plus. everyone just likes jumping in.

Love these little cheekers!!!

The ride home was smooth. Everyone SLEPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I must admit, I was pretty tired too!!

We stopped a few times.

You know you have sugar issues when you're at an AMPM and getting a sour green apple slushie.
He also got 2 nasty hot dogs and we had to roll down the windows because of the smell.

We stopped at Schatt's for a final round of treats.

And then we were home!!! AND READY FOR BED!!!

8 loads of laundry and everything is all ready for the week. Except our minds which will be reminiscing and wishing it was still fall break!!

A million thanks wouldn't even cover it. Dad you are THE BEST!!! This vacation was the best!!!

Sunday, October 8, 2017


Our last day at Disneyland was going to go down with a bang!!!
Not like our first night where we were able to see fireworks from the hotel room.
But still, a bang!!!

As you can see from the picture above, Ella was quite excited to be there again.

Day 3 was more relaxing. We didn't need to do any rides, except Space Mountain. So we got that fast pass first with the Buzz Lightyear ride, and headed to the Monorail! Eli loved it. Everyone was so carefree and happy.

It was cool to see how everything has grown so much!!
There's those Elsa ears... a little to big for Ella. Sigh.

Just FYI, the lighted targets get you higher points!!! Also FYI, you can tell we are not a video game family. We got horrible scores! HA! Level 3 was the highest we got!

These lightsaber churros were very much a highlight for the kids. They had been looking forward to them the whole time!!! Speaking of Star Wars, who knew!!! Who knew it would be so incredible to meet all the characters!!!!!!

Kylo Ren can be my husband. Oh my goodness. !!!!!!!!
It was priceless!!!!!!!

(Also, Maria has a small crush on the actor... I mean, not like Orlando Bloom, but still.... so it was fun to see her blush!)

He very quickly peered around the corner while we waited and scared Eli completely.
Kylo: "YOU!!! This is the moment I've been waiting for all day. In here. NOW."
Eli: Mommy, I'm scared.
We get inside and Kylo is pacing.
Kylo: You will come and be a part of the dark side. I see it in you.
Eli: I just want to make good choices.
Kylo: That is the most terrible thing I've heard all day. Get in a picture so I can be done with you.

Darth Vader was silent and creepy.
Ella wasn't overly happy. But she did LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Chewbaca!!

He was like a giant dog and she was thrilled to pet him and give him hugs and high fives.
Seriously, she adored him and smiled the entire time.

Everyone loved him!! He was so friendly and cute!!!

$16 for lemonade with glow toys inside. GREATEST DISNEY MOMENT FOREVER.
Seriously, you'd think the kids died and went to heaven over these DUMB toys!!!
But they were thrilled to play with them the rest of the day and take turns sharing them.

5 minutes early for demon time!!! Honestly, we just did it to do it.
It was OK, but it's so dark and fast. And the demon fire thing always seems a bit much.
Good thing we didn't have to wait in line!

AND ADULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So how do we cope? Princess time. Ultimate way to de-demonize.

Again, I can't express adequately how fun it was to see Ella's face light up with joy around the characters. She loved every single princess and was thrilled to talk with them. They always do such a good job taking time to really chat with the children. Belle told us she wasn't too familiar with the star wars story, but that she did know there was a furry character who reminded her of her beast. Eli was excited to tell her it was Chewbaca and that we had just met him!!!

Sleeping Beauty asked if the rides had tired us out and if we needed a nap. She said sleep was a wonderful thing to do! We'd get there eventually!!! For sure!!

Ariel and a princess who had to introduce herself. Elena of Avalor?? I think??
I felt bad for her. The kids knew who she was, but to have to introduce yourself.
Babester. I thought she had the best dress of them all!!

Radomly, my children also really love the Hunchback of Notre Dame movie.

We headed to Toontown to meet Mickey Mouse. We stopped at the park first and Ella and Eli loved running and jumping around. Ella made a sweet little friend who followed her around for a good 20 minutes. The girls rode a roller coaster while the littles played.

The sign said 60 minute wait, but it was more like 15. I had gone to wait for everyone, but instead had to rush and call them to come quickly!! Loved being able to watch a couple cartoons before heading in. The photographers were wonderful, but I can't imagine having their job.

The kids needed some more sugar and we didn't want to wait in line, so we headed back to Frontier land.

Love these faces!!! And love how Eli held his sister on the stroller constantly or would walk so she could sit. Disney doesn't do double strollers!! And I can see why!! You can barely move with a stroller!!! We did happen to pass the Peter Pan ride when there was a smaller line and got in within 20 minutes. The funny thing was Eli was getting antsy with Maria and spazzing out. As he was doing this a kid behind us got his head stuck in the metal fence. It was so funny. Fortunately the kid got his head out, but it was good to point out, yes... we may be in line, but at least our head is not stuck in bars. Plus the ride was fabulous!

The shadow man. Didn't stop to talk to him but fun to see him.

More treats. Whatever would we choose!?!?!?

This honey & milk funnel cake (finally available) was to die for. Literally.
After 3 bites I had diabetes.
At this point we were completely STRUNG OUT on sugar.
Coke addicts? Nothing compared to us on sugar.

We got splash mountain fast passes again and did the Mark Twain Riverboat. It was just turning dark and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset on it.

Eli passed this go around on the ride, but we ladies loved it!!! The girls were even a little bored! HA!!!!!!!!!!

Since we still had 2 fast passes, Christina and I went on again.
Of course, we're on the log ready to take off when the ride broke.
After waiting 5 minutes I told her we should just get off. She was sad, but what can you do.
Then they cleared out EVERYONE!!! I guess some people were even stuck at the top of the water part. I CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE!!!! That would have turned me off Disney forever. I feel fortunate we didn't get stuck on the ride in a different place than we were.

My dad got really tired around 10PM and decided to head back to the hotel. He said he'd just walk.
Ummm, yeah.
So we kept on trucking!!! I can't even count how many times we did the cars and Buzz lightyear. We also did the space rockets multiple times.

We also did the tea cups and Dumbo and the storybook ride with my dad beforehand.

Right as my dad was leaving, I forgot to mention that some really nice Disney workers gave us 3 cups of brownies and cookies FOR FREE!!!!!!!!! 
We were all so thrilled and tweaked out!!! 

By the time we left the park, Ella FINALLY passed out in the stroller!!! 12PM!!!!!
10AM-12PM. 14 hours of BLISS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, my children are the very best children in the world and so much fun to be around.
Because it was 12PM but they wanted to talk downtown disney and see if we could find a pretzel.
We couldn't.
But we still had fun seeing the beautiful pumpkins and lego store display.

My little troopers made it!!!

About 12:45 AM we made it back to the car.

I had a button to open the door. Ella was completely zonked. I have never seen her that asleep before in my life!!!! I was carrying her and Eli rushed ahead to the car. All of the sudden I hear a deep voice say, "Hey! What are you doing!!!" as Eli is getting into the car.

He is so little and his scream was so high pitched.

Right away I knew it was my dad because I could see him in the front seat.
It was so DAMN FUNNY!!!!

He had just decided to sleep in the car. It was priceless. Even thinking about it makes me laugh out loud.

Needless to say, we were laughing the whole way back to the hotel where we passed out.

It was quite the amazing day for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely one of the best days of my entire life!!!