Monday, August 7, 2017

Quiet House

All the kiddos are in school. Which means I have 2 hours by myself.
Quiet is overrated.

5th Grade

Maria and Eli are social little butterflies. They make and keep friends easily.
Maria had a fantastic first day!
I'm not sure about her teacher, only time will tell. But I am encouraged by the fact Maria will be writing me weekly notes and I respond for homework. Also that Maria seems to really like her. She placed Maria by a special needs boy because she knew Maria will help out wherever she can. And I do love that, that she trusts Maria with such a special soul.
The teacher wants the children to write in cursive which I also feel is a good sign.
Have I ever done my prison inmates not knowing cursive rant?
She does have a couple girls in her class who are dramatic, so hopefully there won't be anything weird. I told her to just stick close to those who uplift her and make her truly happy.

Beautiful little mama!!!!!!!!!!!
And she is freaking funny too.
Me: Did you talk to Thea Maria at the party?
Maria: Yes. Yes I did. AND. SHE. DIDN'T. KNOW. MY. NAME.

1st Grade

That is what I'm able to do knowing that at this critical learning point, my son is with Traci.
Case in point: As the bell for school rings, the students are let out.
My Eli is smiling the biggest smile. Just spilling with all the wonderful and fun things he did for the day!!!
Pete the cat art! He got bubbles for good behavior!! He got cool Pete the cat sunglasses. He is sitting by his new best friend!!
Truly just excited to have been at school.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand a friend of Maria's little brother is in his class and they are now best friends. Which make me THRILLED!!!!!!!!! because they are the NICEST family!!!

He was so pleasant after school. I thought he might be super tired, but if anything he was just plain jazzed. He did some art, helped me outside with the lawn, rode his bike for 10 minutes (still working on turning).
So glad for SUPERB teachers!!! Makes life heaven for mothers who are teachers.


Ella was a hot commodity this season. She had brought up how she wanted to go to school so when I checked around I found a preschool at Spanish Springs. She was interviewed and out of 12 applicants, 2 positions available, she got one.
She also was called by Katherine Dunn, but since Miss Kathy retired I felt the closer school would be a better fit.
She loves her playground.

She did great when we left, although as we drove by she looked really terrified like she didn't quite realize preschool involved us leaving.
It was pretty priceless. We waved. She death stared.

But afterwards, the teacher told me that she is a quote, "phenomenal child". She was line leader, she was polite, she was kind.
She is the only girl and the class size is about 6 or 7.
She was super happy afterwards and told me that she had lots of fun.
Thank you Heavenly Father!!!
MY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8th Grade

It is an odd feeling, when your child is as tall as you.
This little lady.
She fills my heart and I'm constantly in wonder how I ever could have been so lucky to be chosen to be her mother.
I mean really, the other day I ran into this and my heart melted.
I had to run to get a few last minute school supplies at Wal-Mart.
Aka Satan's Explosive Enema.
And when I came back, the littles had been read to, bathed, the kitchen was clean, the floor vacuumed.
All without being asked. Just pure thoughtfulness.

It will be a good year. She is looking into being a teacher's assistant for PE and doing cross country this year!!
Also as her and Nikki walked past the front of the school, the principal shouted out, "There's my favorite girls!!!!!!!" Gina is a jewel!! Best principal we've ever had!!
I am always blown away by the traffic!!! Bumper to bumper for 3 miles!! Key: Get there 30 minutes early!!!

Back to School Breakfast

Everyone was VERY excited to go back to school.
The night before we had a scavenger hunt for lunch treats and played a back to school tic-tac-toe game I made (with quotes that had to do with the gospel and education).
Enter to learn, go forth to serve!!!
Jody offered to give the children blessings and they were very happy.
It was a tender moment for me because Jody has been through a lot and continues on. I'm grateful that he was willing to do that for them.
I feel there is nothing more important than dedicating ourselves to God, doing the best we can, and being grateful for all He has given us.
We are so blessed because of Him. Knowledge will be the only thing we take with us when we die. So I hope we learn a lot and live a life that showed kindness.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Penske Truck Building

After our rock climbing success, we got lucky and remembered it was build it day at Home Depot.
We were a little tired though.... Nina's truck at the very end, she realized, wasn't the way it was supposed to be.
Maria was having issues with hers. A wheel got flung 20 feet in the air.
But they still love to hammer away and create!! Wood is an awesome medium!!

Absolutely Thrilling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st Time Rock Wall Climbing

I saw that it was a free day at a brand new rock climbing/gym facility and decided we couldn't pass up the opportunity. Usually it's $20 a person, so we had quite the deal for all of us!! And it didn't disappoint!!!

We started at the wrong end. The free climb walls are a little more difficult and we didn't know what levels were what.

But then we went to the kids area and they did pretty good! They got a little nervous, but were great about trying and just getting up as far as they could!

That's me!! I made it to the top where the rope got stuck!!! It was a 5.7 level (beginner.... seriously, there were kids doing this). I was really surprised at how much it worked out my forearms. But it was exhilarating being so high up and knowing that I climbed it!

A level 5.9, I only made it 3/4 the way up. I just couldn't find the grips!! But still, so excited!! The belayers were so helpful and kind!! They taught me instead of just doing the knots for me. I really enjoyed it.
And great tip, never use the metal rings!! I had no clue, but I guess if you slip it can take your finger right off.

The other 5.7 I made it up to the top. Such a magnificent feeling!
They had free kombucha. It just was a great morning and such a cool vibe.
Do I see myself doing this off the sides of mountains?
Not at all.
But why limit myself and say no. Who knows what the future brings!! What I do know is that indoor rock climbing is a blast!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Summer Memories 2017

Lots of creating
And the Hobbit!!! What??!?!? The elk died!!!!?!?!?? Worst part EVER!!!!!!! Sadder than the king (We heart you Mr. Thorton!!)

Finished the series!!!! EDITH!!! Finally!!!!
Just ended up so very happy and wonderful.

Hmmmm.... Orlando Bloom again??? Maria???
But honestly, Jack Sparrow. Eyeliner gone right.
Books. Books. Books.
(Who is? biographies, craft books, Rump, The Hate U Give, The Secret Life of Fat---- roosters MAKE YOU FAT!!!! Any sort of art, drawing or crafting book for Christina and Maria)
Playing Pioneers- Brother Joseph resurrects Christina, hooray!!!
WILD WATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't believe we only have a week left!!!! WHY DID IT GO SO FAST!?!?!??!
**End of summer addendum:
Nail polish "fun" by Ella- 1 hour of scrubbing to clean Mommy's bathroom
1 spilt star bottle on playroom floor, stain looks like Satan smiling
Expo marker "fun" by Ella- 20 minutes scrubbing to clean floor (But it did come off!!!)
Gluestick artwork on playroom walls... haven't attempted to even start that one
Thank you Father that we have a home, that I have children who love to express themselves, and that magic erasers were invented.

June & July Art

Sassy Llamas

Eli's camping bear melts my heart it's so cute