Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ah snap

I ran a 7 min 34 sec mile. Straight up.

Thought I was going to have to give up at the 5 min. mark.

Felt something in my hip pop, but I was like, shoot. Might as well get it because I'm already hurt.

7 MIN 34 SEC MILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I was on cloud 9 all day.

And my hip feels better.

God is good. Woot Woot.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ocean Beach

Papa didn't lose his glasses this time!! Hooray!!
The beach is such a peaceful place. It's like you go and can just breath.
Everything comes into focus, what's important. What matters.
I love watching my children. How happy they are with the waves and the sand.
So glad we took the time to go, even if it meant traffic after.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

San Fransisco Zoo!!!!!!

We're missing 2 cousins, but here's the gang!!!
We had such a lovely time spending the day together and enjoying the sights.

I had forgotten how short the train ride is!!! I don't know who paid for the kids, but so grateful for family who just picks up the tab.

Brown bears play dead. Black bears RUN!!

Thanks for a great day everyone!!
At the end Aunt Pam and Uncle Bob treated the kids to whatever they liked in the gift shop. They were so excited!!! They got a stuffed animal, a lego tiger, a purse with a monkey, and a vet kit. So generous and thoughtful!!

"Can we buy a house just like this one?" - Eli

The kids enjoyed doing so many fun things.
NBA Finals
Hidden Figures with delicious popcorn
Uncle Bob taught Eli all about shooting a basketball, talk about a PRO!!!! He made around 90 shots (until he was stung by a yellow jacket- barely even cried, such a tough cookie)
Fun trains
Preschool trike
Great spaghetti and taco dinners

Mt. Burdell 5.5 miles

Man!!! I sure do love our family. We had such a great hike together!!
Although, I definitely need a different carrier for Ella.
No complaints from the kiddos. ULTIMATE TROOPERS!!!
We saw cows, beautiful trees, and enjoyed talking to each other the whole time.

Everyone made it so special for the kids by cheering for them when they touched the marker!

Eli found a lizard that was really still. He pet it and it didn't move. I told him he was probably in heaven with Jesus. Then our cousin wanted to touch it and take it home. When Erin told him to put it down, he accidentally threw it on his brother. It was kinda hilarious. Eli told them the lizard "was faking it", as in being dead.

Eli and Nina were the first ones done!!!
We had a spectacular lunch at Whole Foods after.
Thanks dad!!! A burrito never tasted so good!!

Gender Reveal Time!!

Our children are water babies!!! Plain and simple.
If there is water, they are happy!!!
We had such a lovely day swimming at Uncle Bob's and Aunt Pam's.
We got to spend time with family, enjoy cousins, and eat yummy food!
Dustin and Rachael had the big reveal.... what was in the middle of the cake? Pink or blue??
It would have been scandalous if it was chocolate.
But it's a boy and we are all very excited!!!

So glad to see Derek up and about. He is such a champion!!! We love him dearly and pray for him continually.