Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ella's 1st Field Trip

Ella was a bit excited for this one!! I had no clue what the weather would be like. Neither did the weather. Fortunately, I brought coats.

Ella had allllllllllllllllll boys in preschool this year. They were ragamuffins.

Even on the field trip a boy was rude to her and I wanted to give him a good dose of reality. Whatever. Fortunately Ella is kind and forgiving.

We were lucky and got to see a lizard. Ella wanted me to hold it. Yeah. 

It was nice because we didn't have to spend 10 hours at each animal. I went on a few field trips here and remember it being a little bit long winded.

The Lynx stopped right in front of Ella... then peed on the window.

The wolf only had one eye!!

Ella was as tall as a mule deer and her wingspan as big as a falcon.
My wingspan was as big as a turkey vulture.

Ella and her teacher!
She is organized and on the ball!

So grateful I got to spend time with my baby doing this fun field trip.
By the end it was thundering and pouring rain!
On the freeway it was flooding.

We enjoyed a little yogurt beach together as treat after!!


My good friend Kate was going through some clothes and brought us a huge bag for Ella.

Needless to say, it might of been the best day of her entire life. 

She spread out every outfit, tried on every outfit.
2 hours straight. She was THRILLED!!!

Eli found a cool lego watch!!
Everything is awesome!!

So grateful for thoughtful friends!!!

Cousins Spend the Night

Ramya and I are basically sisters, hence our children are cousins.

We were so glad to have them come spend the night. Randomly they ended out in the rain making mud pies and flinging them.

Quote of the night included:
Teef "Why can't I call my grandma or a woman a big fat chick?"

We had pesto pasta and strawberries and whip cream for dessert.

In the morning we worked together to make pancakes and had a lovely day at church together.

So sweet. How is it possible that my best friend and I have so many wonderful children!!?!?!


Play Time

I cleaned out the playroom and did an overhaul. It's painted green, new car bed for Eli....

And cleared a lot of stuff out!!

We can breathe!! Everyone knows where stuff is (and belongs) and it's funner to play!!

Happy Mother's Day

I'm the most blessed mother ever!!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Happy Anniversary!

16 years.

I jokingly told Jody we should get a room at the GSR to celebrate.
Then he was like, yeah! Let's do it.

So we had ourselves a little mini-staycation.


Jody had taken the day off and was pretty tired so he slept most of the day. I dropped the kids off at my dad's. They had a FABULOUS time eating junk and drinking 300 bottles of aspertame soda, calorie free. They also went to Yogurt Beach and watched a ton of TV. 

Jody and I started off by getting him a Port of Sub and me a yogurt beach. We relaxed poolside for awhile... which was weird. To truly relax by water!!!

We got dressed up all fancy like and headed to the steak house.... voted #1 in Reno.
Baseball caps and plaid shirts.
Needless to say, I felt a little over dressed, but whatever.
It was delicious! They needed more sides, but the chocolate cake was exquisite. I'm shocked I didn't gain 500 lbs.

We spent some time hanging out in the lounge and made friends with a guy that looked exactly like my cousin Jay. They were beyond wasted. One kept touching his hair and the Jay doppelganger was dancing (no one was dancing but him) and talking about how he wanted to marry his brother. The one touching his hair.
Supposedly they were from Denmark.

We went dancing downtown and enjoyed some good music off and on. More off than on. But hey, no one expects much from Reno. We enjoyed people watching and I must say, being with Jody was really really fun. He is hilarious, thoughtful, and a good person to talk with.

16 years.
I don't know how we've made it, but I've a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with God and God alone.

Here's to eternity hopefully.

Since We've Been Back....

I usually don't take so much time off blogging!

What has kept us so busy?

1. painted kitchen and playroom
2. yard werrrrrrrrk
3. Temple Trip with Christina for baptisms (came in right as she was going in the font after I did some sealings)
4. Climbing Rock walls with Maria- she is a total beast! At first she was scared of the height, then after 5 minutes she was spider woman. She climbed up at least 15 times to the top!
5. Lunch date with Eli for Mother's day- Quote, "Mommy, would you like to sit in my chair since you don't have one." And I did and he stood so I could be comfy. My thoughtful sweetheart.
6. Sleepovers with friends (Coming home from Wild Island Adventure Center blasting Stranger Thing parody songs and the girls singing at the top of their lungs... knowing every lyric WORD for WORD.... demodog ARF ARF ARF ARF!!!!)
7. Anything Guardians of the Galaxy or Marvel Comics related!!!!
8. Swimming- Ella moved up another level. Eli is ready to try out for Piranhas
9. Purging and Cleaning the playroom closet.... 7th realm of hell
10. Workouts with Ramya in the morning.... so much funner with a partner!!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Home Again, Home Again.... Time for some sleep!

The time came... the sad sad time... for us to head back to the cold. And cold it was.

We made it to the airport, perfect timing. We had an hour to kill and enjoyed some late fruit smoothies.

I was hoping we might sleep on the ride home, but no such luck. Everyone was WIRED. We used the bathroom and it was the funniest thing on earth seeing how the loud noise of the flush terrified Ella, and really, me too.

We don't want to go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yet, your own bed is pretty nice.

Papa, you are the best. Really, truly. What would we ever do without your generosity and kindness.

Memories. Happiness. You are the maker.
Thanks a billion times over dad.

Eternity looks good when I know I'm sealed to such thoughtful and loving family.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Loma Alta Trail- Saguaro National Park

Our third and final National Park of the trip! How freaking cool is that!! I love getting them out enjoying the earth!!!

Although, it was a bit hot.

And we had to carry Ella a bit.

And "supposedly" there had been sightings of killer African bees.

Which kinda threw Maria into a panic and she was NOT happy about the hike at all.

It said .8 miles, but that was one way which kind of fooled the children. IT FELT SO GOOD!!!! The sun!!! The heat!!!

But of course, I was short on water.

The cactus were in bloom and while there weren't a ton of blooms, when you saw them, you noticed them. Gorgeous!! This honestly was one of my most favorite hikes ever. It was such a different scenery with the saguaros and possibilities of seeing Gila Monsters! (Which we didn't see, alas)

There were butterflies and magical smooth rocks.
But really, it was the sunshine.
Pure intense sun.

You can find love anywhere!!

I ran the last .5 mile, sorry lightly jogged, to get the car. Hooraaaaaaaaaaaay for air conditioning!!!

Colossal Cave Mountain Park

Who would think that a cave would be so much fun!!
You think dark and dreary, bats and spooks. Yet it's well lit, there are sparkles, and it's amazing to be inside the earth!

FDR commissioned work for young men in the 30's and 400 came down to make this cave a place for people to learn and enjoy.

The history was really interesting, they even had a part of the cave where they married workers to young girls from nearby.

Unfortunately, many people have stolen from the cave and a lot of the stalagmites were broken or damaged.

But still, very impressive when you realize how old the place is you are standing.

Also very grateful for light!!

A little boy at the beginning of the tour would NOT step a foot in the cave. I was really proud of my kids, they had no problems whatsoever.

Old helmets had chemicals to create a flame torch to light their way. I can't even imagine! Their tools were so primitive too in comparison to what we have. I don't understand how they can carve a cave and I can barely use a screwdriver to fix a cabinet.
Which I'm still in the process of.

Since it was the last day of the trip I let the kids choose whatever they wanted (within reason) at the gift shop. Eli got a stuffed scorpion, Ella got a bag of polished colorful rocks. Maria got a horse necklace. Christina got a stuffed bat in a purse.

We also took a small walk around the area. So different, yet completely beautiful.

This is the agave plant they use to make tequila! I loved them!! I thought it was aloe!